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Automatic Transmission Repair In Raleigh, NC

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Of all the systems and parts found within your vehicle, few are as complex as an automatic transmission system. Unlike a manual, an automatic transmission is outfitted with numerous parts that must work at a precise time so that you can avoid shifting gears while you drive. At Cottman Transmission, we make sure this complex system never falls into a state of disrepair. Our experienced technicians have a wealth of knowledge regarding automatic transmissions and, with the help of high-quality equipment, will be able to perform the services your car may need. See why we’re a trusted auto transmission service provider in Raleigh, North Carolina!

Does Your Transmission Need Service?

If your transmission system runs into issues, the best thing you can do is to bring it in for service. But a problem that many vehicle owners face is that they don’t know when their transmission faces issues. This can lead to issues worsening, and what was once a quick tune-up is now a major repair. At Cottman Transmission, we want to help you avoid that. So if your car’s transmission is having problems, here’s what you need to look out for:

  • Sudden jolt forward: an easy way to tell if your car’s transmission is having problems is if you notice any abnormal movements. You especially want to look out for any sudden jolts forward, which typically happens after you’ve shifted from “reverse” to “drive.” If this happens to you, it’s a subtle sign that your car’s transmission is struggling and that you should get service sooner rather than later.
  • Low fluid level: unlike motor oil, transmission fluid should never run low. So if you see that your car has low transmission fluid, it’s a clear sign the system is suffering from a leak. Make sure to stop driving and get your car in for service, as driving with low fluid could cause significant damage to the system.

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Automatic transmission systems are some of the most complex systems found in vehicles today. And because of that, they are also susceptible to more issues, and that’s where the team at Cottman Transmission can help. Our shop in Raleigh, North Carolina, is home to technicians that are comfortable working on this complex system. They make sure every service performed is done with the care, precision, and attention-to-detail this system deserves so that you can drive away with a transmission that makes your driving experience easier.

You can schedule your next appointment by calling our shop on (919) 875-0660, as we’d be more than happy to help. You’re also free to visit us on 4001 North New Hope Road at a time that works best for you, as we happily accept walk-ins and offer after-hours drop-off and pick-up.