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Manual Transmission Repair In Raleigh, NC

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If you drive a manual transmission vehicle, you understand just how important your driving habits are. If you’re frequently stalling out your car, or letting the the clutch slip too much when you’re accelerating from a stop, that could lead to serious trouble down the line including premature clutch repairs. But we also understand driving a manual can be hard, and that’s why Cottman Transmission has a list of services that can help you fix whatever problems your transmission may experience. Our shop in Raleigh, North Carolina, is staffed with the top transmission service specialists in the industry, and they have a full understanding of how a manual transmission operates. Using quality equipment, they’re able to perform any service you need and ensure you maintain full control of your car’s power and acceleration.

How to Protect Your Transmission

Although there isn’t much you can do once the transmission system starts experiencing issues, what you can do is to prevent the issues from ever happening. How? By practicing healthy driving habits. These two actions are the best way to ensure your manual transmission is performing well for miles to come. If you’re not sure what you can do, that’s where the Cottman Transmission team can help. Here’s how you can protect your car’s transmission:

  • Don’t stall out: straight forward advice, right? Every time you stall out, you’re causing unnecessary stress to your car’s transmission system, and that can build up over time. With that said, sometimes this outcome is inevitable, so we ask you to avoid this as much as possible. Doing so will ensure you’re driving with a quality transmission for much longer!
  • Stop before you shift: a common habit we see among manual drivers is shifting from “reverse” to a specific gear before the car comes to a complete stop. This action places a significant amount of stress on the vehicle, as your car’s gears feel the backward momentum as it’s trying to shift forward. Over time, this can lead to gears slipping or falling out of place, so make sure you fully stop before trying to shift forward.

Schedule Your Next Service

Is your vehicle a manual? If so, it’ll need a specific set of services whenever it needs repairs or maintenance. Make sure your manual transmission is in the hands of the top transmission repair experts in Raleigh, North Carolina, and schedule a visit with Cottman Transmission. Our facility is home to knowledgeable professionals who have experience working on manual transmission systems. They’ll be able to quickly perform any repair or maintenance service you may need so that you can continue with your day. Let us make sure you’re shifting into gear with the peace-of-mind you deserve.

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